Names B

The War Memorial situated n the Town Hall.

The War Memorial situated n the Town Hall.

The following WW1 names appear on the memorial inside Wokingham Town Hall. Click on a name to discover their biography:

Charles A Ballard : Albert Edward Barker : John Barker : Thomas F BarkerWilliam Barker : Dudley Barnard : David Southon Beasley : Sidney BedfordArthur Bendle : Ernest George Bennett : Wilfred Bingham : John Bird : Thomas BosherFrederick James Bourton : James William Bowyer : Horace A BoydCharles Brackley : Charles Brant : Frederick Brant : Henry Brant : William Brant : William Walter Brant : Charles Henry Brown : George Brown : Owen Brown : Sydney Bryant : Frank BuckleWalter George Buckle : A Cranston Buckner : Alfred Butler : Henry Butler :

These names all appear on the memorial inside All Saints Church Memorial:


This name appears on the memorial inside Wokingham’s Baptist Memorial: 


These names appear on the memorial inside Wokingham’s St Paul’s Church Memorial: 


These names appear on the memorial inside Crowthorne’s St Sebastian’s Memorial: 

3 Responses to Names B

  1. Alan Golding says:

    Hi Could you please let me know why you posted a photo of a WW1 soldier on “Ancestry” for WGJ Band and the caption “Bands of 12 Rose Street”

    An early reply would be appreciated



    • admin says:

      Hi Alan. I had a look through the basic question as to why we placed this on the Ancestry site.
      We have hundreds of photos of men from Wokingham who either lived or died from the war. Whilst we are sticking to a particular war memorial in the town, we send out some photos which we hope will be of interest to others as they are very rare. This one caught the eye because the title said he was missing, which invariably meant death. The tree we did put together told a different story as you say, he survived. I’ve sent you a link to it. I hope the photo is of interest to you and if you his biography and he is indeed from Rose Street, I would be delighted to put up the page on Wokingham Remembers.
      Hope this helps

  2. Bob MacDonald says:

    In Nov-2014 I found info on Robert Brant b. 1705 at the following link,

    He married Mary Alright and their daughter Mary married William Shorter. My Grandmother was a “Shorter” and I’m researching her family.

    My issue is that I can not access the info currently, nor find by searching. to continue that research. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to find him.


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