St Sebastian’s Roll of Honour

St Sebastian's Church in Crowthorne

St Sebastian’s Church in Wokingham

Names on St Sebastian’s Roll of Honour:

Whilst St Sebastian’s does not have a War Memorial in the church, there are a number of CWGC graves in the churchyard and the Rector ensures that the names from the Roll of Honour are read out during their annual Remembrance Service.

The stained glass window can be seen in the Memorial Hall, Nine Mile Ride.

The stained glass window can be seen in the Memorial Hall, Nine Mile Ride.

These names appear on Wokingham’s Town Hall Memorial and for Crowthorne, the Palmer family built a Memorial Hall on the Nine Mile Ride and appointed Mr Philip Dales to design a Memorial Stained Glass Window with the names of local men included.

The design was executed by Mr E Showell Trickett of Birmingham and placed into the Memorial Hall. 

Interestingly the Town Hall Memorial in Wokingham includes three churches within the town, but St Sebastian’s is the only Roll of Honour included from Wokingham Without. 

Click on the names below to read their biographies: 

Surname A

Frederick AllenArthur Annetts :

Surname B

Dudley Barnard : Sidney BedfordArthur Bendle : Wilfred BinghamCharles Brant : Frederick BrantAlfred Butler :

Surname C

Charles Chamberlain :

Surname G

Joseph GilesWilliam Greenman :

Surname H

Alfred Hurdwell :

Surname L

Frank LangleyHenry Lovick Sidney Luker :

Surname M

Percy MaynardWilliam Munday Sidney Murrell :

Surname P

Alfred C Parker : James PerryFrederick Pither :

Surname R

 John Robertson: Robert Rogers

Surname S

Arthur SharpFrank Sutton

Surname T

Charles TownsendEdwin Tyrrell

Surname U

Humphrey Upson

Surname V

Worthy Vickery

Surname W

Frederick WakefieldWilliam Welsh : William WerrellJoseph Whittaker :

5 Responses to St Sebastian’s Roll of Honour

  1. a.atkinson says:

    May i just correct you that St Sebastian’s church is not in Crowthorne, but is in Wokingham. Well at least it was, St Sebastians my first school, my mums only school and one of Alfred Hurdwell sisters Florence Emily Hurdwell only school. Far too many people have altered many local areas, names and right of ways (footpaths and bridle ways around this particular area of Wokingham) even the church of St Sebastians has built an extension over some of my past family graves…regards, from a local, born in Wokingham hospital which was the work house.

    • admin says:

      Many thanks for help in locating the whereabouts of St Sebastians and of course you are right if describing it as ‘Wokingham Without’, ie outside of the town. The parish itself is described as being within Crowthorne, Wokingham and Finchhampstead and the maps will even argue with both of us describing it as being located within Finchampstead. What is interesting to us, is that it is included in the Town’s Roll of Honour, as with St Paul’s, All Saints and Wokingham Baptist. Other nearby churches are not included so it is likely that as you say, it was considered a part of Wokingham’s orbit at the time. I think what is sad, is your comment on the upkeep or destruction of family graves. I have visited many of my family graves over the years in all parts of the country. The only one’s of mine which are kept in good condition, are the Commonwealth War Graves placed around Europe. I hope you have looked through Alfred’s page and the article which appeared in the Wokingham Times:
      Kind regards,
      Mike Churcher

  2. alexis atkinson says:

    Thank you Mike, I knew all of this news item regarding Alfred Hurdwell, as Heather White (who has since died) was my second cousin and of Peter Hurdwell who lived next door to me at Kingsbridge cottages throughout the 50’s and early 60’s. Yes I do agree with the area being heavily populated during the past 40 years and how both Crowthorne and Finchampstead have expanded, one example is Finchampstead crossroads which was always known as California crossroads. Thank you for your replying comment it is just me getting upset in the fact how many young men died in terrible battle conditions and tactics which of course were to cause sheer suicidal deaths. regards aa

    • admin says:

      Apologies for the somewhat tardy response; my only excuse is that we are in the middle of exam time. How do parents cope with twins?!
      I remember Heather wondering about Hetty Fisher and the family postcard with her and Alfred standing side by side. We even had a search on Ancestry, but to no avail. I’m not sure if you still live in the area, but on Wokingham’s Heritage Day we will be presenting a cross section of servicemen who were from the area. This is to tell the story of the area and the lives that were given to World War 1. I would like to think that Alfred will be a focus of attention, because he was an ordinary chap from the area, with a girlfriend who we know nothing about. His loss was in a famous action Passchendaele and we know quite a lot about the day of 22nd August 1917. I think with Heather and Peter meeting up would add something extra to the story. What has been an important part of our work, has been to bring families together with their ancestor. If we can tell Alfred’s story as is hoped, I wonder if you might be able to come along and join us. It will be at the Town Hall (it is a Town Council event) on 14th September 11am – 4pm.
      Many thanks
      Mike Churcher

      • a atkinson says:

        Dear Mike, I am somewhat confused here with Peter Hurdwell as it could be that he was a brother of Charles Hurdwell who had a 2 sons called James and Peter close to my age group, Charles was my grandmothers cousin. Thank you for the information regarding 14 th September as I shall make a note on my diary to be there as I do live locally in Sandhurst. My grandmothers only surviving child lives in Woodley as I,m sure she would like to attend too if she is well enough. Oddly enough we have been in constant touch with Heather for many years she never mention this meeting with Peter much to my mothers dismay. There are other family members in Bracknell, London and Sevenoaks some which stayed in safety for a short while with my grandmothers 2 bedroom house at pinewood cottages nine mile ride, with the rather cramped conditions for the outbreak of the second world war blitz of London and with a combined total of eight children. Yes there is some mystery of Alfred,s death all I knew was that he was a despatch rider/runner and that he was blown up. so he could of been therefore been in no man,s land as a company runner many thx aa

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